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More About Us

As we travel the world, meeting with and having discussions with prospective international buyers we are continually being asked about additional value-added products.  AND YOUR PRODUCTS MAY BE OF INTEREST.  For this reason, Petras International Trade, Inc. is always actively seeking new suppliers.  If you are a producer or manufacturer of a value-added food or forestry product and wish to discuss the possibility of exporting your product, we would like to talk to you.  In order to help us prepare for our discussion, we ask that you provide us with the following basic information about yourselves and the products) you are seeking to export.  We will contact you after the information is received.


  • Transaction assistance to include letters of credit, insurance, transaction financing and shipping.
  • Worldwide customer and product promotion.
  • Worldwide trader network.
  • Export advisory services.
  • Market research.
  • Export management services
  • Identifying and promoting joint venture opportunities.

Petras International Trade, Inc. is always updating its listing of the many value-added food and agricultural products it has available. Some of the products now available are listed below. Please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in new market opportunities, sources for products or want help in completing a transaction, but do not know where to begin, contact:
Petras International Trade, Inc


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