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Cotton Picker Safety
Cotton Picker Safety


The cotton picker is one of the most dangerous of farm machines. This is chiefly due to a lack of caution on the part of the operator. Too often he tries to clean or adjust the machine while it is running and gets caught in the moving parts, especially the picking units (heads). The power take-off must always have the safety shield in place before the machine is used, and failure to observe this point has been the cause of many deaths.

Additional Warnings
  • Do not adjust or work around a picker while it is in motion.
  • Throw the power take-off out of gear before working around the picker.
  • If the picker has a hand clutch, don't work on the picker until is thrown out of gear.
  • Never use a branch of cotton or stick to clean the picking units while they are in motion.
  • Keep hands and feet away from the machine while in motion.
  • Do not operate the cotton picker unless the power take-off shield and other safety shields are in place.
  • Keep all trash from accumulating on the exhaust manifold.



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